2022 Awards

Best Poster Awards

1st Place                                                         

A knowledge risk management (KRM) framework for healthcare organizations

Basel Hammoda and Susanne Durst

2nd Place

A Model for Collective Wisdom

Jeff Allen

3rd Place

CHAT BERTHA: A Study of the Implementation and Usage of a Web- Based Chatbot System on Library Services

Ana Mae Cantel, Jennifer Bode, Ma. Cynthia T. Pelena, Allana Delgado, and Mariana Erdao

Honorable Mention

Research on Intellectual Property Information Service of universities in four Bay Area

Wei Jingzhu and Chen Rong

Best  Dissertation Talk Awards

1st Place                                                          =

Attraction of Knowledge Celebrities: How They Draw Users to Pay for Knowledge?

Xiaoyu Chen

2nd Place

Influential Factors of Group Polarization among Netizens and the Formation Mechanism of Group Polarization Network under the bac 

Wang Xiwei, Li Yueqi, Liu Yutong, Qiu Chengcheng, and He Wu

3rd Place

Research on the optimal reading path of cross-platform online information of crisis events 

Lu An, Yixin Liang

Honorable Mention

Prospects of Developing Digital Repositories of Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETDS) in University Libraries of Pakistan 

Bashir Ahmed, Rubina Bhatti, and Shakeel Ahmad Khan

SIG-KM Best Paper Awards

1st Place                                                         

Third-factor variables discovery for understanding the relations between concepts in covid-19 clinical knowledge

Yongmei Bai

2nd Place

Data-literature linking by employing knowledge base and data enrichment techniques

Jiao Li

3rd Place

A structural view of science-research-technology policy — Applying semantic analysis to public national research calls in Colombia

Julián D. Cortés and María Catalina Ramírez Cajiao

Honorable Mention

Film resources metadata element set building based on users’ demands

Wang Chao, Wei Rui, and Guo Qi

Honorable Mention

A diversified recommendation model for knowledge service system based on multi-label user portrait and knowledge representation

Yan Liu, Yueping Sun, and Li Hou